Craft Happy Hour: Split Page Books with Yuka Petz

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Thursday May 20

6:00 PM  –  8:30 PM

Craft Happy Hour: Split Page Books with Yuka Petz
Thursday, May 20th
6 PM - 8:30 PM

Also known as mix-and-match books, split- page books are simple, yet compelling structures that encourage lots of hands- on engagement. In this workshop, we will examine a variety of artist-made and commercially printed examples and then make our own folded and sewn variations of split-page books. We will also discuss creating split-page books in collaboration with adults and children, and how to structure content to create cohesive books that retain the play of chance operations.


Materials Available for Pickup at the Ogden, or Feel Free to Supplement:

-One sheet large paper (example: 11”x17”

Tabloid size), cardstock recommended but

text weight ok

-One sheet cover paper (example: 8.5”x11”


-4-8 sheets text paper (example: 8.5”x11”

white copy paper)


-Binding thread (or other thread, such as

dental floss or embroidery thread)


Materials You Will Need at Home:

-Olfa knife (or X-acto, carton cutter or other

sharp cutting knife)

-Cutting mat (or cardboard to protect cutting


-Binder clips (two)



-Bonefolder (Recommended)

-Awl (Recommended)